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NZstories.com was Mic Dover and Daniel Allen's media company specialising in the creation and dissemination of high end editorial and photography for magazines, newspapers and websites in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and North America. It has been dormant since 2008 when Mic was distracted by a career in craft beer activities and events (See Marchfest and The Free House)

Some articles published online or in print by Mic Dover:
Ebb and flow: news on the net (UK Guardian, 2007)
Web News Aggregation Conjuring Trick or Brave News World? (E-Content, 2007)

Greenpeace marks bombing anniversary
(BBC Online News, 2005)
'Destructive fishing' ban for NZ (BBC Online News, 2006)
Chilling Signals
(NZ Listener, 2005)
Secrets in Suburbia (NZ Listener, 2005)

Liverpool Sunset (NZ Listener, 2006)
A Nice Wee Drop (NZ Listener, 2006)
Beyond the Wire (NZ Listener, 2006)

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